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Preschooler Activities - 3 Tips That Will Help Preschoolers Build A Love For Blocks

Preschoolers are learning and developing new skills every day, they are curious and love to try new things. Choosing age-appropriate activities can help them gain confidence in their new-found talents. Preschoolers want activities that are new but aren't too difficult, frustrating, or long. One toy preschoolers would love got to be a set of wooden blocks. Building toys are an absolutely right toy to reinforce their newly developing skills. Let me explain how you can encourage your preschooler to have fun with these great educational toys.

A 3-year-old girl playing with wooden blocks

#1 Build Things Familiar To Your Child


a colourful medical wooden car toy on a table

Preschoolers are at the age that likes to reproduce things they know. For instance, they could build a house or barn, but not a castle. Your preschooler may make a simple vehicle but not a space ship. They are maybe willing to build a dog but don't know how to recreate a dragon. A preschooler's imagination is developing, but he prefers to paint, pretend, and build real things.



#2 Build Small Programs

A simple and easy to build wooden train toy for preschooler looks like this

A child of this age features a rather short attention span. Large number of blocks at one time could overwhelm them. A good amount of blocks for this age could be about 60-80 pieces. Investing in a larger set that they will use as they raise is a good idea, but you'll want to only get out a limited number of blocks at this age.

Encourage programs they might complete in perhaps 5 or 10 minutes. Items that are too complex or large will make them lose attentiveness, and they may end-up throw the blocks, which could frustrate you.

KID of this age use mostly square and rectangular blocks. They do not use tons of various shapes at this age. They're going to only use a couple of blocks, like triangles and arches. Essentially they will use the basic shapes that are easy to stack.

Keep the projects simple, like making a little, simple four-walled house, but not a giant mansion with a 5 car garage. If they need to stack multiple blocks to finish a project, they'll lose interest or become frustrated. Let your child build something that they could successfully complete. This helps build up their confidence. Cheer them up for their accomplishments. Helping them have successes encourages them to create bigger and more complex things once they are ready.  


#3 Build Low Structures Or Table Top Designs

A colourful low structure DIY toy set for 3-year-old preschooler

A 3-year-old preschooler still has limited balancing skills. Therefore, instead of stacking blocks, have them build something that's just one or two blocks high. For instance, a row of blocks lined up across their playroom will make an exquisite train. As they grow and enjoy with blocks more often, they'll slowly begin adding wheels to their train, a smokestack, or cargo within the cars. They might make a row or two blocks in squares that would be the cages for a zoo, and add their favorite stuffed animals.

Another fun activity is to allow them to line blocks up on the table. They will form them into shapes or copy simple outlines of objects with the blocks by putting the pieces flat on the table. You can give them some simple pictures, which could be a page from a coloring book. They can line blocks right on top of the outline on the page or copy the shape on the desk, forming the shape of the image. These tabletop designs are really creative. They will make creatures, vehicles, people, or their favorite cartoon characters. Make funny faces using the various shaped blocks for eyes, ears, and an arch for either a smile or a frown. There's no limit to those creative tabletop designs.

green train set wooden toy with blue train and small cute house in light-green paperboard.

Today, toys are often electronic, "high-tech" and have specific ways to play with them. In our experiences, we've noticed children of nearly all ages who struggle with what to do with a set of wooden blocks. They ask questions like "What do you do with these?" when at a table crammed with blocks. They do not know how to stack them and become frustrated or lose interest. But we know the massive value of playing with simple toys that advance a child's imagination. These toys support them to reinforce essential cognitive and motor skills and help them discover complex science and math concepts. Children of a young age got to engage in play with these kinds of learning toys. Make sure your kid grows up to enjoy playing with wooden building blocks.


We work with families and educators on the best ways to assist children in learning and growing through play with educational toys like wooden blocks and many more. We encourage parents to supply kids with toys that help them to think and that foster creativity.