Makeblock Six-legged Robot Add-On Pack

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This add-on pack can add to replace mBot’s wheels with aluminum beam legs, and thus changing the look of the robot, offering a playful way to understand beam system, robotic structural and motion design. Reimagine yours into “Beetle” “Mantis” and “Crazy Frog”!
Include 5 types of beams in professional grade aluminum alloy
Explore multiple ways of motion design
Extend the fun of building

Beetle robot

Fast crawling and agile steering in small steps make mBot turn into a hexapod beetle and start the crawling journey.

Mantis robot

Quietly and swiftly, the mantis robot held two scythes, quietly approaching and lightning, capturing its prey.


Crazy little frog

The metal beam replaces the wheel design. The crazy little frog uses a movement method beyond your imagination, ramming and unstoppable!