mBot add-on Talkative Pet

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Talkative Pet

Offering a playful take on mBot along with an audio player and a micro servo, transform yours into a sweet and adorable “Robot Dog”, a storytelling “Robot Penguin” or a real-time status broadcasting “Rover” with this add-on pack.
Include 5 types of mechanical parts in professional grade aluminum alloy
Come with an audio player and a micro servo
Make coding more engaging and fun


Robot Penguin

This adorable Robot Penguin can tell jokes, share stories, sing, dance, and even shake hands with you.



This Rover can scan from side to side continuously. Once an object is detected ahead, it will report the finding in a cute voice, emit alerting red light and head to the target directly.


Robot Dog

This cutest and smart Robot Dog can run, bark, wag its tail, and provide interactive ways to code and play.