Balloon Powered Helicopter 4 Pack

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  • Toy helicopter propels itself with the power of air
  • Practice basic mechanical construction
  • Introduce the science behind Flight!
  • Also demonstrate properties of Air Pressure


This classic toy 4-pack isn’t just fun, it’s also educational. You get to put the helicopter together from scratch, too. Start by connecting all the parts as the back of the package shows. Then simply blow up the balloon, pinch it shut, and wrap it over the plastic tube. Toss it up into the air and watch the helicopter spin and propel itself further into the air. All the while, the escaping air makes the helicopter whistle.  How cool!

What’s Included?

Each helicopter includes:

  • 2 balloons (8 total)
  • 3 blades (12 total)
  • 1 mouth piece (4 total)
  • 1 blade assembly (4 total)


What Does It Teach?

The balloon powered helicopter allows young students to learn about properties of air pressure and flight, but also allows students a chance to practice basic mechanical construction.