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Classic Chinese Puzzle Lock Cube

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       Do not underestimate these small pieces of wood. If you want to open and assemble them freely, it will be enough for you to have a short time. Try it. It's best to have your camera ready when you're play, or you'll be in trouble. . . . . . .

     Putting it in your home is also a beautiful decoration. When a friend visits your home, it is a good tool for communication, and it can improve your taste of life intangibly!


Educational purposes:

1, in the game to develop baby hands, brain, eye coordination, coordination, baby muscle activity, physical function development, there is a lot of benefits;

2. The game is very interesting and deeply loved by the children. Many people participate in the game and further promote the friendship between them.

3. If parents can participate, playing with their children will not only trigger him to speak more, but he will also be able to guide his speech and expression skills.


 Expert Reviews:

Because the product design is clever and unique, the use of unlock to develop games, develop children's intelligence, solve problems in the actual operation process, exercise dynamic brain skills, at the same time, from a variety of perspectives to enrich the children's knowledge.