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mBot add-on Servo cat

mBot add-on Servo cat

mBot add-on Servo cat

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This add-on pack essentially adds a servo to mBot to demonstrate various use of servo, which is significant for robotics. Transform yours into 3 different robots including Dancing Cat, Head-Shaking Cat, and Light-Emitting Cat.

Include 3 types of mechanical parts in professional grade aluminum alloy

Come with a servo and an RGB LED module



Dancing Cat

Bridging the servo and a long beam together on the mBot, you can program the servo to rotate the beam in a range. It’s no doubt a funny way for your robot to adorably mimic a cat waving its little paws!


Head-Shaking Cat

Connecting the servo to the ultrasonic sensor, your mBot now acts like a robot cat shaking its head to locate where you are.


Light-Emitting Cat

Attached the servo to the back of your mBot and connected to the RGB LED module, this way your robot looks like a cat with a blinking tail.